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Swedish Carp Waters

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Swedish Carp Waters
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Carp are present.

Right in the neighbourhood to the above lake. Good head of carp present.

Ballasjön, Bollebygd, Göteborg
Good carp present - mostly mirrors. Don't expect 10 kg+ fish here - yet.  This is one of the few swedish waters frequently mentioned on the internet. Daytickets.

Bosarpsjön, Skåne
Big grasscarp - one of 11 kg caught in 2002. The carp tops 10 kg+. Daytickets.

Big carp to 14 kg+ are caught each year; lake record 16 kg. A very rich water worth a try - and very good fishing can be on the cards her. Daytickets.


Every year a few fish of 10 - 12 kg come out here. Daytickets.

Bonbosjön, Hallstahammer.
Stocked with carp in the late eighties.
> Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

The river Almaån was formerly reckoned to be a fairly easy water, but fish deaths and fish stealing has had its effect on the water. Fish of 15 kg has been caught here. Daytickets.

Bysjön, Skåne
In september 2002 a common carp of 11,45 has been reported.

Dammstorpssjön, Nacka 
Several carp to 10 - 12 kg has been caught. 
> Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

This water some 20 km from Uddevalla has produced quite a few carp of 10 to 15 kg.

Several carp of 11 - 12 kg has been reported.

A few very big carp to 15 kg are present in this dayticket water.

Good carp has been caught here to 13 kg+.

Handskerydssjön, Nässjö 
A rather new water with potentials. >Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Helgasjön, Växsjö
This big water has a population of big commont to 15 kg+.

Henrikstorpssjön, Perstorp 
New fish was added to the he old stock of carp here in 1993, and the fishing in the very beautifull lake can be very rewarding. It is said, that at least one of the 20 kg+ fish caught in Stora Damm was in fact released into this lake. Swedish anglers expect a lot from this venue. Daytickets available at 20 skr - about 3 €, and boats can be hired at reasonable prices too. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Hyttdammen, Borlänge 
Carp of 10 kg+ has been caught. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Hällers myr, Lysekil 
A water with potential for big carp to 10 kg+. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Härlanda tjärn, Göteborg, Björkekärr 
Several carp of 10 kg+ has been caught here. Lake record 13,5 kg. Daytickets from tackle dealers in Göteborg
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Kronoberg sjö, Anaboda 
Big carp present.

Was stocked with carp in the late eighties. 10 kg+ fish present today. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996< 

Lineasjön, Nybro 
Carp to 10 kg+ are present.

Lödde å 
Not many carp in this river - but big fish. Also known for very big pike.

Mörtsjön, Stockholm
Carp present.

Mölledammen, Perstorp
Several carp over 15 kg has been caught.

Nacka-sjöarna, Stockholm
Stocked with carp in the beginning of the ninteties.

This water is holding big grasscarp.

Kävlingeån, Almundagård 
Carp present.

Rösjön, Stockholm 
Carp present.

Skärsjön, Markaryd 
Big grasscarp present in this small water.

Big, but few carp to 16 kg+ are present in this big water. Daytickets.

Stensjön, Småland 
Carp to 13,5 kg reported - and tench to 3,75 kg.

Stora Damm, Perstorp 
This private water is well known for the big both commons and mirror carp here. Several of the biggest carp in Sweden has been caught from here - but only a few priveledged anglers can fish here. Daytickets are not available. 

Stråken, Växsjö
This lake south of Växsjö has given carp to 14 kg+
. >Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Svarte Mosse, Göteborg
This little water in Göteborg has produced carp to 13 kg+ in the early days, but much of the stock were lost under the ice in the winter in the beginning of the nineties. Lately, new big fish have been reported
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Svenstorpsjön, Perstorp 
Carp over 10 kg reported. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Sämsjön, Borås 
This big lake is well stocked with carp, and fish of 15 kg+ has been caught here. Daytickets available.
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Trekanten lake, Gröndal, Stockholm 
Carp were stoched into this lake in '79. Later in the intention of making it a swimmer's lake, it was treated with rotenon to remove all fish. As a compensation to the carpanglers, new fish were stocked into the Nacka-sjöarna in  the vicinity.

Vittsjön, Hässleholm 
Good carp population to 14 kg.  >Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Öresjö, Borås 
This little water is well stocked with carp. 12 kg+ has been caught here. 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Ösbysjön, Djursholm, Stockholm 
This 4 ha lake has produced many carp to 10 kg+. It was the first water in Sweden to be stocked with grasscarp - and it was later found out, that grasscarp are virtually impossible to catch in nets! 
>Per-Ola Johannesson: "Svenskt karpfiske" , 1996<

Östra Dammen, Lomma, Malmö
Lake record for this water north of Malmö should be 14 kg, and the carp population is very good. The fishing not too easy though.

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