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Here are the best of the rest photos from our  bankside memories

Minus 15 Degrees!!
Stora Delsjön - February 2004

Despite the sub zero temperatures, bordem at home forced me to endure the freezing FUN of the well known Swedish WINTER.

Due to the water inlet from Radasjon to Stora delsjon, being open for over  3 weeks, the lake could not freeze,which gave me the oppotunity to sample the biting cold of spending a night beside delsjon in minus 13 degrees.

Artic Army training in Norway and being in possession of the BRITISH ARMY ARTIC SLEEPING BAG that i would not leave home without (and i stole it on purpose) was the difference between........

Should I stay or Should I go!!!! WELL............................ We Stayed, (WE, meaning me and Lina) and stuck it out, hoping that those greedy fat carp fancied a winter snack of no other than a nice juicy SCOPEX & LIVER 20mm POP UP!!

1 shy run occurred at around 3am (on the Scopex & Liver), but a dodgy zip on the sleeping bag prevented me from running to my rods in my frozen UNDERPANTS & FLIP FLOPS.

A dehydrated girlfriend eventually made me get out of my pit and trundle off down to the waters edge in search of some refreshments!!.

This is where i saw my rods and came back inside for my CAMERA.............. AND............ Here is the photograph!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about a swedish winter PRINSKORV!!!!!!!!

OK, well Thats the car loaded up.............
Where are we going ??

Matthias had to squeeze in to a well packed Volvo 740!!!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how we laughed! Hahaha........

Lina's PB Mirror Carp
8.3kg Ballasjön August 2004

More pics coming soon.......................

Landing a Carp
Ballasjön 2004

It's not a hobby, it's a way of life!