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                                                                                    CARP FISHING DIARY



Dates – From:_______________to:_________________

Time start:___ :___hrs  Time finish:___:__hrs


Total No of days/nights fished:________ Licences: Price:£____ Per -

Day     Season   Weekend   Other

Swim/s Fished-PegNo/s:____________Accompanied by:_________________


Weather Conditions:_______________  ___________Wind Direction:_____

Water Temperature:_____ Air Temperature:_____


Number of Rods Used:______


Rod No 1:

Test Curve:____lbs Rig Used:_______________________________ Distance fished:______

Hookbait:_____________________ Loosefeed/Groundbait__________________________________

No Of Carp Caught:_____ Lost:______


Rod No 2:

Test Curve:____lbs Rig Used:_______________________________ Distance fished:______

Hookbait:_____________________ Loosefeed/Groundbait__________________________________

No Of Carp Caught:_____ Lost:______


Rod No 3:

Test Curve:____lbs Rig Used:_______________________________ Distance fished:______

Hookbait:_____________________ Loosefeed/Groundbait__________________________________

No Of Carp Caught:_____ Lost:______


Rod No 4:

Test Curve:____lbs Rig Used:_______________________________ Distance fished:______

Hookbait:_____________________ Loosefeed/Groundbait__________________________________

No Of Carp Caught:_____ Lost:______


Total No of Carp Caught:_____ Lost_____

Biggest Carp:Species___________Weight______lbs_____oz Bait Used:_________________________

Date:__________Time:________ Method:_______________________________________________

Personal Best: Y / N   Previous PB:_____lbs______oz Date caught__________ Venue_______________

Night session at Härlanda Tjärn 28th - 29th June 2004

“The Carp I never wanted”

I decided to go and fish Härlanda Tjärn after work on Monday 28th June 2004.
I had a major problem though. My digital camera was at my girlfriend’s house and she was away, so there was no chance of me getting it. Should I go carp fishing without my camera???????? That was a chance I would have to take and I was not happy about it! Not once have been carping without my camera, could this be the kiss of death???????

When I got home there were big dirty horrible black clouds looming above in the skies.
I knew it was going to chuck it down, but the question was,……..when??
I took the kids home and thought to myself, sod it, im going carp fishing!
So I packed the car with as least as possible, knowing only too well how far I would have to haul all my kit when I got there.
At 18.15hrs I set off on the 8km drive to Härlanda continuously looking up through the windscreen at the clouds.
I knew for a fact that they were waiting for me to get my gear out of the car and then they were going to let me have it!!!!!
Right on cue! As I pulled up in the car park 15 minutes later the heavens opened and down it came.
So I sat there in the car and thought to myself, will it stop long enough for me to get to my swim and get my Nash Profile up? Or will I just grin and bear it and get wet?
Well, the clouds told me NO, but the carp told me YES!
The decision was made, it was time to get wet! …….again!
People were running to their cars, dragging crying children and even the jogging brigade that frequent the lake were in full sprint to avoid the torrential downpour.
I pulled the collar of my jacket up and leisurely took my gear out of the car and locked it.
People looked at me as if to say, “are you mad going fishing in this weather”?
But I wasn’t the one clinging to the trunk of a big oak tree in an orange pac-a-mac looking distinctly like a trainspotter trying to avoid getting wet, and looking very sorry for themselves!
I loaded myself up with gear and off I went, blowing the rain off my nose as it trickled down my face.
The rain started to seep through my jacket and I still had 200meters to go.
When I got there I took my kit off, but as I bent over to get my rod holdall from around my neck the weight of my rucksack (40kg) sent me into a forward roll and I went face first in to a huge puddle! I got up as fast as I could hoping that none of them physcodelic trainspotters were watching me make a right fool out of myself.
Luckily enough they had all gone home, but now I was completely soaked through to the skin!
Blood started to drip from my face mixed with rain and I realised I had cut my face open when I swallow dived into the **** puddle. Feffing Marvellous! Could this get any better?
The rain lay off for a while, while I got my gear set up, which didn’t really matter as I already looked like I had just come from the battle of the Somme!
I fished the swim between the 2 jetties on the left hand side of the lake as a friend (Fredrik Palm) has had some excellent results there over the last couple of months.
I loaded 3 rods up with Energy baits 20mm pop ups, 2 “Magic Fruit” & 1 “Scopex & Liver” and cast them about 30 meters in to the margins to the right of my swim.
I walked down the bank and threw about 500g of trout pellets in to the swim and a handful of loose boilies.
The wind was now blowing a gale and the rain was coming down again. Funnily enough I had the whole lake to myself apart from the ducks, coots and seagulls that were begging for some food off me.
I obliged, and gave them some boilies………………… from a well-aimed catapult. That was the last I saw of them J
Cold, wet, battle scared and very worried due to having no camera, I crawled into my British Army Artic sleeping bag to get away from the nasty weather.
I fell asleep listening to the rain bouncing off my Nash Brolly but was awoken about 30 minutes later by a female voice shouting.
I popped my head out of my sleeping bag to find a big golden Labrador dog with its head in my packet of meatballs munching on them like there was no tomorrow!
I flung open my crash zip and gave “Fido” a big right hook straight in the kidneys.
This was followed by “Now GO AWAY” and the dog went squeeling back to its owner. And not very happy I hasten to add!!
I was waiting for the woman to come and say something to me, but she just scuttled off. Maybe next time she will take more control over her pet pooch!
I pulled the zip back up and went back to sleep, minus half a kilo of meatballs.

The Delkims remained silent all night, which I had secretly prayed for due to not having my camera with me.
I woke up about 4.15hrs and stared out at the rain splattered lake knowing damn well I had to pack up very shortly and I was going to get wet again.
I lay back and decided I would get up at 5.30hrs, so I nodded back off for an hour.
I was expecting to be awoken by the alarm on my mobile phone, which I had set for 05.30hrs.
But instead I was woken by the sound of a few beeps of a Delkim Txi. I immediately looked into the swim for ducks but there were none to be seen. Then the right hand alarm started screaming and the baitrunner spool was loosing line at a rapid rate of knots!! The Fox Euro Swinger was bouncing up and down and I was trying to get my feet into my shoes. I got to the rod and disengaged the baitrunner as I lifted the rod and bent into the fish. It began to take more line from the spool and I adjusted the clutch. I looked at my watch and it was 5am on the dot. I then lowered the other 2 rod tips into the water and got back to the battle. She was still taking line and heading out into the depths. I slammed the anchors on and gained a few yards.
The only thing that was going through my mind was that I hoped it wasn’t a big one because I wouldn’t be able to take any pictures.
But the way she was going, I just knew that it was the 10kg plus fish that I have been searching for, for so long. This was the first time I hoped I was wrong!
She came to the surface about 20 meters out and with a splash of the tail down she went again. It was a big tail and again I hoped for a small one.
About 3 minutes later I got the first sight of the carp and my heart stopped! I knew then, that this was the carp that I never wanted!!!
I guided her into the landing net, but could only think about not having any photos of my NEW Personal Best………… and I knew it was!
I took her to the unhooking mat and I was now becoming mad as hell, she weighed a tonne!!
The scales went round to 12200g (26lbs 8oz)and I just knelt there looking at my new PB, knowing that I will never be able to look at the photos!
I picked her up and took her back to the waters edge, all the time I hoped someone would come past with a camera. But at 5.15am on a Tuesday morning the chances of that were slim to nil!
I took one last look at her and bid her a fond farewell. She flicked her tail and she was gone.
I sat back on my bedchair with my head in my hands and thought how this was my most unhappiest fishing experience of my life, Even though I had smashed my PB by 3.2kg, I had no Photo’s!!!!!
Nothing in the world mattered to me at that time and I packed up my gear in the ****ing down rain and went to work.


I kept saying to myself before I went, “SHOULD I GO WITHOUT THE CAMERA?”
I took the chance and the inevitable happened. Now I am paying the price.
I will return straight after work tonight, but this time I WILL HAVE MY CAMERA.

The Carp was taken on a homemade Leadcore helicopter silt rig with a 20mm Energy baits Magic Fruit pop up, 25lbs Kryston Snakebite Gold hooklength and anti-eject rig.

Helicopter silt rig


Härlanda Tjärn – Friday 21st May – Sunday 23rd May 2004

I (Chris) found out at 4pm on Friday afternoon that the weekend’s overtime had been cancelled. I could not get my phone out of my pocket fast enough to ring Matthias.
I called him, told him to get his “Leather Together” and be ready in 1 hour! We were going to Härlanda Tjärn!!!!

We stopped off at the “System Bolaget” (The Swedish Govermental run Off Licence) for a replenishment of liquid refreshment in the shape of a slab of beer. Then at around 7pm we landed at Härlanda.

We met up with Fredrik (another member of TEAM CARPOHOLICS) who was already fishing. After a quick chat, we decided to fish the swim just to the left of him. The swim was on the left bank of härlanda and just past the bathing area.
We set the gear up and launched 3 leads each into various places in the swim.
Matthias had first choice of swim as it was a virgin water to him.
When everything was set, we polished of the crate of beer and had a
ging-gang-goolie round a nice log fire…………………

…………………………………The Delkims remained silent until 13.45hrs on Saturday afternoon then Matthias’s left hand rod went screaming off and his Solar butt banger was rattleing off his rod blank. We had seen a carp rolling in that area for the past hour and Matthias cast a single pop up to the spot.
After a 10 minute fight and a few scary “Carp in the Lillypads” moments, Matthias guided the beauty into the landing net.
We both looked into the net and saw that the big Common Carp was now his PB!!!!
She took the scales round to 7.5kg and Matthias looked happy as a pig in sh*t. The ceremonial photos were taken and back she went.
We made a celibratary cup of coffee and thought about that evenings plan of attack.
We baited up around the marker float and fished one rod there each and put our other 2 rods in the margins.
Once again it was an uneventful night!!
But when the clock struck 09.30hrs on Sunday morning, we were dragged out of our lovley warm sleeping bags by another screaming delkim.
Yet again it was one of Matthias’s rods and his baitrunner spool was losing lots of line at a very fast rate!!!!
Matthias bent into the fish, ajusted his clutch, but there was no stopping this one! She went lungeing into the deepwater and stripped of another 30 meters of line.
We both just looked at each other, with “it looks like a big one” expressions on our faces!
Matthias gained a few meters of line, but this baby wanted a scrap! Off it went again and Matthias lost his gained 30 meters!
After a 20 minute battle and several screaming runs later, the BIG carp was not as big as we had thought.
It was a Common Carp that took the scales to 7.1kg.
It was two – nil to Matthias and that’s the way it stayed.

Both Carp were taken on Energy Boilies - Scopex Squids Liver 20mm pop-ups.

We havn’t decided where our next trip will be, but where ever it is, we will be sure to tell you about it…………………

Tight Lines and Soggy Sacks!!!

Ballasjön   14th May – 16th May 2004

We (Myself & Lina) arrived at around 7pm, but unfortunatley we were missing one thing……….. Matthias! Due to work commitments he could not make this trip, which just left more beer for us two, ha ha.

We set up our gear in the usual far end swim, fishing the shallow water, as I thought the carp may now have moved up into the warmer water after their winter sleep.

We had 3 rods out each and Lina fished 2 bottom bait and one pop up, whereas I fished all pop ups.
Again we were on Energy baits scopex & Liver 20mm and I baited up the swims with “Sinking” trout pellets and loose boilies.

The alarms remained silent all night and at 2pm on Saturday afternoon Linas Right hand rod went screaming off. This was a surprise to me as I have never caught carp in mid afternoon at Balla.
The little beauty took the scales round to 6.0kg and that was Linas first carp of the season. I now knew that the fish were in the shallows and was waiting for the “screaming Delkims” to play me a tune. It never happened!!
Then at 06.30am on Sunday morning Linas alarms started to sing again. This time the scales went round to 7.2kg and Lina had a big cheesy grin on her face.
Well, I blanked this weekend but hey!, its not over until the fat lady sings!
And as we say in TEAM CARPOHOLICS……………………


Chris Thornhill – TEAM CARPOHOLICS.

Härlanda – Night session
Tuesday 11th May – Wednesday 12th May 2004

I (Chris) fished a night session in Härlanda Tjärn, Göteborg.
I chose to fish ”The Big Rock” swim by the beach, but no carp were caught. I had 1 run at 18.30hrs on Tuesday evening, but missed it !
I woke up to go to work on Wednesday at 05.30hrs to find it pissing down with rain, I had to pack up in it, and got very wet!! Oh what joy
I had 3 rods out, 2 with Frank Warricks 20mm Scopex & Blackberry flouro pop-ups and a Mistral 20mm Mistral Honeynut Isotonic pop-up. All 3 rods were fished with PVA stringers.
A young lad fishing next to me caught a 6.2kg Pike, he killed it ? and I weighed it for him.
Next stop Ballasjön at the weekend with Matthias & Lina (Friday 14th May 2004) for a 2 night Carpathon. Hopefully Matthias won’t break any bones this time.
Report to follow………………………

27th April – 1st May - Carp Fishing Premier 2004

We arrived at Ballasjön on the evening of Tuesday 27th April for our premier Carp fishing trip of the new season.
We chose to fish the shallow water at the far end of the lake and prebaited with, corn, hemp, pellets and loose boilies.
I (Chris) waded out into the shallows and baited up in about 2 feet of water, then I “walked the hook baits out” and placed them by hand in and around the baited areas.
By this time it was about 9pm when I had put out all 6 baits.
We (Matthias & I) used 6 different hookbaits to see which the carp responded to best. If we picked up a carp that night then the next night we would change all 6 hookbaits to “that flavour”.
We were woken the next morning (Wednesday 28th April) by screaming seagulls who were dive bombing our baited areas, and eating the pellets that were floating on the surface!!!!!! They were supposed to be sinking pellets and the seagulls made sure that there were NO FISH in that swim on that morning. WE WERE NOT HAPPY!!

On Wednesday afternoon we decided to move swims and fish the deeper water, it took us 3 hours to move all the kit 100meters to our new swim.
But the move paid off as at 23.20hrs that night we were hauled out of our sleeping bags by the glourious sound of a screaming delkim!!!!!

It was one of my rods (as we both have Delkims) that was playing that Delkim tune. We landed the carp in the cramped swim but not before Matthias broke his knee cap when he fell on a rock.
He sacrificed his own safety rather than drop the carp on the rock, which was in the landing net at the time. What a nice guy :)
The Salter scales went down and touched 7.8kg which is now my Balla PB :).
My previous Balla PB was 7.7kg, I caught 5 carp in balla last year at 7.7kg.
Photos were taken and we went back to bed, Matthias was now in serious pain with his knee and we had to wait 24hrs before Lina (my girlfriend and also a carpfisherWOMAN) came with the car to get him to hospital.
The next day (Thursday 29th April) Matthias was hobbleing round our swim like a wounded soldier, and the inevitable happened, YES, he fell in!!!
Lina tuned up that evening and I drove Matthias to hospital in Borås.
I got back to Balla and rebaited the rods for the night. I put Scopex & Liver 20mm pop ups on all my 3 rods as that’s what took the 7.8kg the previous night.
Lina also put Scopex & Liver on her 3 rods and we settled back for the night.
Nothing happened that night, but the next morning at 10.30am the disco delkims sang once more. Result a nice 6.6kg mirror carp.
We never had anymore runs until the next morning (Saturday 1st May) where I had 2 runs in 30 minutes. I lost one as my hooklength snapped and I lost the other in snags………….. however I did manage to get very wet!!!!
I had 1 more run on Saturday but lost that one aswell in the snags!!!!
All 5 runs were on Energy Baits Scopex & Liver pop ups. MY FAVORITE!!!!

2 Mirror Carp Caught 7.8kg & 6.6kg and 3 carp were lost.

Chris Thornhill

It's not a hobby, it's a way of life!